Blue Planet Live

Check out the new BBC one series Blue Planet Live. Florian is currently filming blue, gray and humpback whales for the BBC Blue Planet live series. The four episodes will be aired on Sun 24.03., Wed 27.03., Thurs. 28.03.2019 and on Sun, 31.03. at 8:00 pm (GMT) on BBC One.

Enjoy watching.

About Blue Planet Live

In the Blue Planet Live Series Chris Packham, Liz Bonnin and Steve Backshall explore our oceans and its wildlife, to find out how marine life is coping in the face of increasing environmental pressure.
All the locations selected to visit on Blue Planet Live are hotspots for marine biodiversity, which means they will show the greatest changing impacts due to human influences. The Baja Peninsula is one of the incredible locations shown in the series. Chris Packham is traveling across the peninsula on the trail of whales. From air, land, and sea Chris is tracking different species of whales to give glimpses into the different stages of their lives. The world’s largest nursery of gray whales bringing up their babies, the migrating humpbacks on their way as far north as British Columbia, and the biggest animal to have ever lived - the blue whale - feeding in the seas bordering this Mexican peninsula. Chris is investigating why whales occur in such numbers here and what makes this area so special to their success.

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Über Florian

Als professioneller Naturfotograf widmet sich Florian Schulz dem Schaffen von einzigartigen Naturaufnahmen. Seine Bilder werden in Magazinen wie National Geographic, BBC Wildlife und GEO veröffentlicht. Schulz stammt aus Süddeutschland und verbringt im Jahr durchschnittlich acht bis zehn Monate im Feld, um mit seinen Fotografieprojekten gesamte Ökosysteme zu dokumentieren.

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