Florian featured in Defenders Magazine

In the Spring issue of the Defenders Magazine some of Florian's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge photographs was published.

Ever since Florian Schulz has explored the Arctic Refuge for the first time nearly two decades ago he was fascinated with this enormous wilderness. From the Mountains of the Brooks Range you can look in any direction as far as the eye can see without coming across anything man-made. No buildings, power lines or roads disturb this untouched land.
Unfortunately many attempts have been made to turn the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge into an oilfield. Politicians have called the Refuge a “flat, white nothingness” or “a barren wasteland.” Together with his brother Salomon Schulz, Florian set out on a mission to document the Arctic Refuge in the course of the season to create an authentic documentary about the “Last Great Wilderness” to help with its permanent protection.

 Legend of the Gwich’in

"In a Gwich’in creation story, the original people of the Arctic used to be caribou. When they separated, the caribou kept a bit of the human heart and the human kept a bit of the caribou heart. They made an oath that the caribou would always take care of the Gwich’in as long as the Gwich’in would always take care of the caribou."

— — text by Eugénie Frerichs
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Über Florian

Als professioneller Naturfotograf widmet sich Florian Schulz dem Schaffen von einzigartigen Naturaufnahmen. Seine Bilder werden in Magazinen wie National Geographic, BBC Wildlife und GEO veröffentlicht. Schulz stammt aus Süddeutschland und verbringt im Jahr durchschnittlich acht bis zehn Monate im Feld, um mit seinen Fotografieprojekten gesamte Ökosysteme zu dokumentieren.

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