BBC | TV | 2022
BBC | TV | 2022
Frozen Planet II

BBC One at 20:00 BST on Sunday

We are proud to be part of BBC's new six-part series FROZEN PLANET II – narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Frozen Planet II explores the wildlife found in the world’s coldest regions: the Arctic and Antarctic, high mountains, frozen deserts, snowbound forests, and ice-cold oceans. From polar bears to penguins, and from snow monkeys to Siberian tigers, each species must overcome a unique set of challenges to endure its extreme environment.

In 2019 we spent several weeks in the Alaskan wilderness to shoot the Caribou sequence for Episode 5 - Frozen Lands. The episode airs Sunday, 9 October at 8 pm (BST) on BBC ONE. Enjoy watching.

Today the biggest challenge in the tundra is climate change. Warming summers are melting the permafrost deep within the soil, causing the ground to thaw and, in places, the land to collapse. These changes are impacting the animals too. Caribou arrive in herds of around 200,000 individuals to raise their calves in the rich pastures. Warming means mosquitos emerge sooner and bother the calves before they’ve had a chance to gain strength. As the parents drive their young to cooler mosquito-free land, they must first cross rivers running with increased meltwater and escape hungry grizzly bears. They, like much of the frozen land’s wildlife, are adapted to live in the extremes, but the challenge of today’s warming climate could be one extreme too many.


Frozen Planet II

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