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Florian Schulz has dedicated his life to documenting the natural faces of our planet. Aiming his cameras at Earth’s last wilderness areas has led him to the farthest reaches of the globe. Using his talent for visual storytelling he hopes to inspire action to preserve Earth’s wild virtue. He is constantly striving to meet the next challenge, to embark upon the next adventure. Ultimately seeking to transport his viewers into nature, acting as an ambassador for the natural world.

Specializing in wildlife and conservation photojournalism, the quality of Florian’s work is reflected in the widespread recognition he has received. His photographs have been published in magazines such as National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, and GEO, and he has won numerous awards for his photography, including ‘Environmental Photographer of the Year’. But these prizes have never been his motivation. His tireless efforts to document and protect wilderness areas are fueled by an honest commitment to our environment and a love for the natural world.  

Florian is a devout advocate for wildlife corridors, coining the phrase “freedom to roam” and founding the Freedom to Roam project. He aims to expand the new conservation movement for wildlife corridors, just like the creation of Yellowstone as the first national park – he envisions the establishment of national corridors as an idea to spread around the world.

In recent years, Florian has devoted his focused on the Arctic – as it is one of the fastest changing and threatened ecosystems on Earth. His determination to portray this land and its diversity of creatures has drawn him through many challenges, hardships and dangers. What does it take to spend weeks camping in sub-arctic conditions? Or to lug camera equipment for miles through black swarms of monster mosquitos? To leave your family with two little boys for months on end? As a father his work has taken on a new meaning. He hopes that his images can play a role in keeping the last wild places alive, for the next generation to experience.


Highlights of a career

2024 | working as a DOP on multiple Productions


- Mammals | BBC one
- Our Living World | Netflix


BAFTA nomination Photography: Factual

for Predators

2023 | working as a DOP on multiple Productions


- Planet Earth III | BBC one
- Incredible Animal Journey | Disney+ & Nat Geo
- Big Beasts | Apple TV+

2022 | Awards

The Arctic wins Best Film at GSCA Awards and Most Inspiring Adventure Film at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival

2022 | working as a DOP on multiple Productions


- Frozen Planet II | BBC one
- Our Universe | Netflix
- Predators | Netflix & Sky
- America the Beautiful | Disney+ & Nat Geo
- The Year Earth changed | Apple TV+
- American Arctic | PBS and WET


Award | Americas Arctic wins two Gold TV & film Awards


The Arctic - Jackson Wild Media Awards


2021 | The Arctic – Imax movie release

2020 | Americas Arctic – TV Premiere

2019 | Blue Planet live

2019 | Award | NANPA Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year 2019

2018 | Florian featured in the Nikon 100 campaign

2017/ 2018 / 2019 | Nat Geo Live Tour

2016 | Coffee table book |

Unterwegs in der Wildnis

Since 2016 | film project in Baja California

2015 | Exhibition Freedom to Roam in Italy and Arctic Exhibition in the US and Mexico

2015 | birth of his second son Silvan

2015 | Coffee table book | The Wild Edge

since 2014 | filming starts for The Arctic about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

2014 | Coffee table book | Jäger des Lichts

2013 | Expedition along the Aleutians and to Iliamna, Alaska

2012 - 2013 | Nikon D600 - Chasing the Light

2012 | Coffee table book | To The Arctic

The English edition of the coffee table book "To The Arctic" is published by Braided River to accompanying the same-named IMAX movie. Shortly after that, the German edition of the book "Ein Jahr in der Arktis" is published by the National Geographic.

2011 | birth of his first son Nanuk

2011-2012 | Expeditions to Greenland & Svalbard

2010 | Visions of The Arctic campaign with Earthjustice

2010 | RAVE-Expedition to the Great Bear Rainforest

2009 | RAVE-Expedition Yucatan, Mexico

2008 | Initiation of the Freedom to Roam project "Baja to Beaufort" (B2B)

2007 | El Triunfo, Mexico RAVE-Expedition

2007 | Exhibition | Yellowstone to Yukon

At the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle, USA

2006 | Exhibition | American Natural History Museum

A selection of Florian's wildlife corridor images is shown in a group exhibition in New York.

2005 | First coffee-table book |

Yellowstone to Yukon

2000 - 2005 | Expeditions to Africa, Alaska, Canada, USA and Mexico

since 2000 | professional Nature Photographer


"We love nature filmmaking, and we are specialist in shooting on wild ground. From concept developing to shooting high-end complex camera systems our expertise will take you to remote areas and show you a world never seen before." - Florian Schulz

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