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One job, two brothers, three cameras and -35 degrees. In spring 2012 Florian and his brother Salomon were asked from Nikon Tokyo to "make a film about the D600 - that inspires people to take photos" and they did. The result was the "Chasing the Light"

Making of

How did they film that

"Yeah right, two brothers ....... and a hellofa big budget production crew ... "! I guess this video comment is the best complement to me and my brother Salomon. The truth is, it simply was just the two of us filming this movie.

It sure was not easy, especially as we covered such a broad area, focusing on landscapes and wildlife between California and Alaska, constantly looking for unique angles and special light. Throw in the timelapse at night and you can imagine how little sleep we got. Watch the Nikon D600 "Making of" movie to get some insight.

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Photoshoot in Svalbard

Making of

How did they film that


"We love nature filmmaking, and we are specialist in shooting on wild ground. From concept developing to shooting high-end complex camera systems our expertise will take you to remote areas and show you a world never seen before." - Florian Schulz

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