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Florian Schulz Productions develops and produces high-end nature films. Our goal is to transport our viewers into the wild. To achieve this, we may come eye to eye with big brown bears, spend days in a camouflage tent to film a rare bird, rise up high into the air to shoot aerials with a Cineflex, or ShotOver or dive below the water’s surface to encounter great white sharks. Our footage is shot with the latest 8k RED cameras, complemented with the Phantom Flex when ultra-slow motion is need.

Our three gimbal systems, the Shotover F1, M1, and Cineflex ULTRA, can be equipped with the longest-range telephoto lenses available in cinema. Those gimbals can be attached to helicopters, cars, or boats while delivering unbelievable shake-free film sequences of wildlife behavior. With the Phantom Flex 4K and  VEO 4K and we are able to give our viewers a look into high-speed action that otherwise is hidden to the human eye. Our goal is to show nature in all its beauty creating artistic images that reflect the style and vision of Florian Schulz’s work as a still photographer.

Our equipment

Fun toys we work with

Our equipment

VERSION 1: Fun toys we work with

Gyro Stabilized platforms / Camera Systems

Cineflex Ultra (5-axis gyro-stabilized platform for RED Helium 8K Camera, multiple lens options)
Shotover F1 (6-Aaxis gyro-stabilized platform for RED Monstro & Helium 8K and Phantom Flex and Phantom Veo, multiple lens options)
Shotover M1 (extremely lightweight 6-axis gyro-stabilized platform for RED Monstro & Helium 8K and Phantom Flex and Phantom Veo, multiple lens options)
Ronin 2 (3-axis stabilization system)
Ronin S (3-axis single-handled gimbal for DSLR and mirrorless cameras)


Red Monstro 8K
Red Helium 8K - Camera A
Red Helium 8K - Camera B
Red Helium 8K - Camera C
Red Helium 8K - Camera D
Phantom flex 4K High Speed Camera (1000fps)
Phantom VEO 4K High Speed Camera (1000fps)
SonyA7s III


Pl-Mount Lenses

Fujinon 42X9,7
Fujinon zk3.5X85 (85 - 300)
Canon 14,5 - 60mm
canon 17 - 120mm
Canon 30 - 300mm - Lens A
Canon 30 - 300mm - Lens B
Canon 50 - 1000mm (CN 20) - Lens A
Canon 50 - 1000mm (CN 20) - Lens B


DJI Inspire 2

Super 35 Sensor
6K CinemaDNG / 5.2K Apple ProRes
14 Stops of Dynamic Range
24 MP Stills
Pitch: -130° to+40°; Roll: ±20°; Pan: ±320°
(Controllable Range)

+ Dl-Lens Set:
16mm / F2.8; 24 mm  / F2.8; 35mm / F.2.8;
50 mm / F2.8    

DJI Mavic pro 2

Cranes, Jib arms, Rigs etc.

Panther Foxy Pro
Panther Vario Jib
Flowcine Black arm
GripTech Large VVI 7 Full Package with Gimbal
Ready Rig
Ronford-Baker Billet Bazooka
Airfilm AFSP-1 Single Pole Nose

Motion Control, Slider and Dolly

Kessler Cinedrive: Multi axis camera motion control system for live action, time-lapse and stop motion.
Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt: 2-Axis motion controller for 360°pans and 180°tilts

Underwater Housings

Nauticam Housing RED (Monstro, Helium)
Nauticam Housing RED (Monstro, Helium)
Nauticam Housing VEO4K

Tripods and Tripodheads

OConnor Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head (150mm; Head A)
OConnor Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head (150mm; Head B)
Sachtler 20 1s Fluid Head (100 mm)
Sachtler 18 2S Fluid Head (100 mm)
Tripod Legs
Baby Tripod Legs


Teradek Bolt Pro 3000 3G-SD
    SDI | HDMI Wireless Video Transceiver Set
Teradek RT Lens Control Kit
    Iris, Zoom, Focus
    MK3.1 Receiver, MK3.1 BRUSHLESS MOTORs
    MK3.1  6-Axis Controller+Forcezoom
Paralinx Arrow+ Wireless HD video system


Sound Devices 633 Mixer
Sennheiser MKH 8070 + Windshield
Sennheiser MZF 8000 Filter Module
Teleinga Parabolic Disc
Sennheiser Wireless SK100 - Transmitter
Sennheiser Wireless EK100 - Wireless Receiver
Lavier Microphone - MKE 2 EW
Audio Technica BP 4029
Audio Technica AT 3032
DT 779 Headset Bayer Dynamic
ZOOM Recorder H6 ZOOM
Boom Pole

Production Monitors

Small HD Bright 1300 (Monitor A)
Small HD Bright 1300 (Monitor B)
Small HD Bright 1700
Small HD Ultra Bright 703
RED Monitor


Nikon Tele 70 -200mm
Carl Zeiss Distagon 2,8 / 15 ZF 2
Nikon Nikkor 28-70 mm 1:3.5 -4.5
Nikon PC-E Nikkor 24 mm 1:3.5D ED
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 28-300 mm
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 17-35 mm 1:2.8D
Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm 1:1.4D
Sigma FX DG Fisheye 15 mm 1:2.8
Nikon AF-s Micro Nikkor 105 mm 1:2.8 g ed
Tokina AT-X Pro SD 11-16 F2.8 (IF) DX II
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200-400mm 1:4 G II ED
Nikon Nikkor Fisheye 16mm 1:2.8 D
Tokina AT-X Fisheye 10-17mm F3.5 -4.5 DX
Nikon Af-S Teleconverter TC-14E III 1.4x
Canon 24-70 mm
Canon 70-200 mm
Canon 8-15 mm
Sigma 24 mm 1:1.4 DG
Sigma 135 mm 1:1.8 DG
Sigma 35 mm 1:1.4 DG
Tamron 150-600mm
Canon 200-400 mm F4
Canon 600 mm F4

Remote Camp, Power Supply & Vehicles

various tents (multiple persons and single)
various camping equipment (sleeping bags, dry bags, bear container, head lamps, thermos, stove, flare gun, gun etc.)
solar panels
Super Duper Puma Raft
emergency response
    inReach SE+
    Spot Gen3
    Sat phone



"We love nature filmmaking, and we are specialist in shooting on wild ground. From concept developing to shooting high-end complex camera systems our expertise will take you to remote areas and show you a world never seen before." - Florian Schulz

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Florian Schulz Productions
natural history film production & equipment rental in Alaska and Baja California, Mexico.

Florian Schulz
DOP | Producer

Emil Herrera-Schulz
Production Manager | Creative Director

Nicole Frey
Camerawoman | DIT | Editor | Digital assets

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